Friday, 14 January 2011

Sweetly Wrapped!!

I was having a good old nosey through Folksy this morning and came across this amazing shop - Sweetly Wrapped. They have a fantastic selection of all my favourite crisps & sweets that have been magically transformed into purses, wallets, passport covers and book covers!!! GENIUS! Certainly a great way to recycle our yummy treats!!

I LOVE the Fizz Wizz Card Holder!!! It is encased in sturdy vinyl and stitched with strong nylon thread - so definately durable.  It makes me wishes I had more credit cards just to fill it. : )

I think a purchase may be necessary very very soon.  So those who have birthdays next out of my family and friends - expect a unique, super cool gift from this amazing shop!! 

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sprinkles Mad!!!!

I love anything bright, colourful and related to fooood!! So our Mini Jar of Sprinkles, Battenburg Cake and LoveHeart Sweet Necklaces are my new favourite thing! 

Mini Jars of Sprinkles

Mini Jar of LoveHearts Necklace

Mini & Tiny Jars of Battenburg Cake

Our LoveHearts are made from polymer clay and are carefully sliced by us to create cute little sweetie-like shapes. The LoveHearts have little words on them: Sweet, Love & Cutie. Also included are little purple & white heart shaped slices. Overall, it is a simple cute, kitsch, retro necklace!! 

We have matching bracelets too!!!!!! Check them out in our shop: 

Also join our facebook page - simply search us under Nosey Rose Parker. 

Kiss Me, Tease Me!!

Oooohh, we are mega excited to introduce our super cute LoveHeart Sweetie Rings!!!

Love Bug Ring

All of our Love Heart Rings are made from polymer clay and look good enough to eat - but I am afraid they are not edible. We have Kiss Me, Tease Me and Love Bug all in purple, pink or white and are a BARGAIN £4!!

I have been wearing a pink Kiss Me around town and the amount of people that think I have just glued the actual sweet onto the ring is unbelievable.  I guess it's a compliment of how realistic they look - which I'm happy about.  I haven't had any tall, dark handsome men "Kiss Me" though, so the ring doesn't have that power (sorry girls). 

However, if you would like a super cute, retro ring then you can find them here:

Kiss Me Ring