Sunday, 22 July 2012

The past year has flown by....

Hello everyone!
Can't believe we have not been on here for A YEAR!! Terrible!
We have been mega busy and have kept regular updates on Facebook but as we keep saying over and over...we will try our best to keep our blog updated too!

Since last year we now have a working studio that isn't based in the house - woo hoo. The extra space is great and is keeping us in the working mode. This morning we came up with this idea - Daisy Earrings for everyday of the week! Cute!

We will once again be at the Arbroath SeaFest - this year it is on Sat 4th & Sun 5th August and we are delighted to be sharing with our good friend Emma at Bows Galore !! Fingers crossed for glorious sunshine and great banter.  

Now it's time to pick up Mini Miss Rose from her Dad's so we will be back soon to make REGULAR updates!

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